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Jason Rapert

“Heartbeat Bill” (SB134) Passes State House Committee

For Immediate Release:
February 7, 2013

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Princella Smith


“Heartbeat Bill” (SB134) Passes State House Committee


Little Rock, AR – Today, the Arkansas House Public Health Committee passed SB134 known as the “Heartbeat Bill" with an overwhelming bi-partisan voice vote.

The Heartbeat Bill originally sought to ban abortion after the point when a heartbeat can be detected which occurs around the 6th to 8th week of pregnancy and recognized abortion exceptions for rape, incest, to save the life of the mother, or in life-threatening medical emergencies.

It was amended in the House Public Health Committee today.

The amended bill includes the following provisions:

  • The test for the heartbeat will be administered via an abdominal ultrasound.
  • No provision of the Heartbeat Bill will apply until after the 12th week of pregnancy known as the 2nd trimester. This brings the bill in line with Roe v. Wade which states that abortions can be regulated at the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester.
  • Last week, the Heartbeat Bill passed in the Arkansas State Senate with a supermajority of 26 “yeas”, 8 “nays”, and 1 “absent” vote. If passed into law, the Heartbeat Bill will become arguably the most influential piece of pro-life legislation ever introduced in the State of Arkansas since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

    State Representative Jeff Wardlaw, a Democrat representing Arkansas’ 8th House District voted in favor of the legislation. “This is not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s not a partisan issue,” he said. “This is about the future of our state and our children, and I am proud to have supported the bill.”

    Jerry Cox, Founder and President of the Arkansas Family Council and a years-long pro-life advocate said: “The members of the House Public Health Committee are simply reflecting the values of the people they represent. The people of Arkansas are strongly pro-life, and our lawmakers know that. This is why Arkansas is now ranked as the 4th most pro-life state in America.”

    The Heartbeat Bill’s lead sponsor is State Senator Jason Rapert of Arkansas’ 35th Senate District. “I feel grateful that people recognize that the abortion policy of this nation has not made abortions rare,” he said. “In Arkansas, we have now recognized the need for a more balanced policy, and Roe v. Wade has allowed us this option. I am so proud of my fellow legislators for standing up and protecting the lives of unborn children. When there is a heartbeat, there is life.”

    About Jason Rapert:

    Jason Rapert is the State Senator for the 35th district of Arkansas. He is a financial advisor and co-owner of Rapert & Pillow Financial. Prior to being elected to the Arkansas State Senate, Jason founded Holy Ghost Ministries, Inc. (HGM), a faith-based humanitarian organization providing clean water and assistance to the underprivileged and orphaned citizens of Ghana West Africa, Uganda, and the Philippines.